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We offer a variety of services including routine checkup cleanings, whitening, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. We provide several cost efficient ways to significantly improve your oral health and overall confidence!


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Dental Fillings Spartanburg SC

Dental fillings are the best way to reduce the potential for future teeth decay and pain from a cavity. The key benefit is that it halts the progression of decay and repairs the tooth’s normal function and improves appearance. If not treated in a timely manner, a small area of decay can potentially spread to the entire tooth and inhibit harmful bacteria to spread to the rest of your mouth. Additionally, this could cause immune system issues, swelling, and excruciating toothache. At Ellett Family Dentistry of Spartanburg we take a preventative approach by painlessly removing smaller areas of decay in order to keep your overall health in check. Dental fillings are also usually covered by most insurance companies because of their potential to prevent more expensive procedures in the future. 

Tooth Fillings Spartanburg sc

A common misconception about dental fillings is that they’re painful and scary. However, at Ellett Family Dentistry we take precautions in order to make sure that our patients are comfortable. Before beginning the process, we make sure that we have full consent as well as explaining the steps to our clients in an understandable way. After the filling, we walk you through some steps that you can take to reduce pain after the fact as well as preventing decay in other areas in the future. Additionally, our dentists have the experience to provide advice as to which products they have seen work to fight against tooth decay. We take pride in being a friendly and informative office so we’re always willing to share information that we deem to be helpful. One incentive to using a local and family owned dental office is that we care about the community deeply. We love keeping Spartanburg healthy, informed, and confident about their smile!

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Some of the core benefits of dental fillings include stopping cavities from growing, improving the structural strength of your teeth, and preventing painful fractures. At Ellett Family Dentistry we provide expert advice and promote regular check-ups so that your dental problems are never major. In addition to preventing serious health problems, dental fillings also improve your teeth color and smile quality! We are dedicated to helping Spartanburg smile brighter for longer! Additionally, our office takes pride in providing dental fillings are a quicker alternative to surgery while also making sure that we do a fantastic job. You can expect that after each procedure you will feel confident that you were taken care of properly as well as the plan for the future! We always treat you like family!

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