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We offer a variety of services including routine checkup cleanings, whitening, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. We provide several cost efficient ways to significantly improve your oral health and overall confidence!


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dental implants Spartanburg SC

Dental implants can be a safe and easy way to replace missing teeth or completely remodel your mouth. Dental implants behave and look like natural teeth. Additionally, dental implants usually last a lifetime and are easier to maintain. A common misconception about dental implants is that they are a luxury item but they can actually be implanted cost effectively and help maintain the rest of your natural teeth. Your teeth hold each other in place by being in line with their surrounding teeth. As a result, it is important to make sure that if you’re missing a tooth that you look into filling the space. Because of their health benefits down the road, insurance companies will often assist you with the cost of implants. As a healthier alternative, dental implants can also help prevent gum disease. We’re dedicated to help Spartanburg stay healthy and smile bright!

Tooth REplacement Spartanburg Sc

Dental implants have a variety of benefits that aren’t limited to oral health. Dental implants when done correctly look natural and can lead to a significant increase in confidence. Cosmetically, implants can also prevent facial sagging and premature aging by upholding your facial structure to prevent wrinkles or improve posture. Implants also usually last a lifetime so they reduce the chance of future medical problems and also decrease basic maintenance costs. Implants are also generally more sturdy than natural teeth which makes it easier and less painful to chew food. Additionally, implants have been proven and tested as they’ve been used successfully for over 50 years. Dental implants can not only improve your smile but also restore your teeth, reduce pain, and raise quality of life in a variety of ways. We’re thrilled to help Spartanburg live healthier!

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At Ellett Family Dentistry of Spartanburg we take pride in being a community based dental office! As a result, we are always honest and informative when it comes to recommending procedures to our patients. While working with our office you can expect that we will take the time to go through the process of assessing your current situation and recommending options that fit your lifestyle and budget. Our dentists consult our clients for implants based on their overall health, bone density, and a variety of other factors. In order to keep our customers happy and safe our dentists will always honestly consult you on what your best tooth replacement solution is. Dental implants are often a great option because they are stable, FDA approved, and offer a long-term solution for our busy clients. Finally, our office offers implants that are high quality and are often more affordable than other offices in our area. 

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