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We offer a variety of services including routine checkup cleanings, whitening, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. We provide several cost efficient ways to significantly improve your oral health and overall confidence!


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Teeth Cleaning Spartanburg SC

Teeth cleaning when conducted regularly and properly increases overall health in a variety of ways. Teeth cleaning twice a year has been clinically proven to decrease the chances of gum disease, heart attack or stroke, cavities, and chronic bad breath. Taking a preventative approach to dental care also reduces tooth decay which helps your smile stay bright and beautiful! Catching major problems before they’re serious by getting regular cleanings and check ups is also a great way to save money. At Ellett Family Dentistry we take pride in being punctual as it pertains to your appointment times to reduce the amount of time spent in our waiting rooms. Our eccentric staff and our calculated system has helped us have the fastest patient turnaround times in Spartanburg! 

Teeth Cleaning Dentist Spartanburg sc

Often times going to the dentist can feel like a chore. Our staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and accommodated throughout every visit. Additionally, we give you a report of the condition of your teeth as well of recommendations after every visit. Using a local dentist’s office that cares about your business ensures that we demonstrate caution throughout the entire cleaning process including careful examination for potential future problems. In addition, our staff is able to walk you through the details of the cleaning process so that you feel more at ease knowing what’s going to happen ahead of time. Our dentist’s are gentle and are trained to avoid poking your gums which results in a more positive experience for everyone. Our office handles every patient with care so Spartanburg can keep smiling!

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A common misconception about dental care is that it is expensive. However, there are several ways to reduce costs significantly for free! The first step to improving your overall health is to get regular checkups. A generally unknown benefit of dental or some health insurance policies is that they usually have two free cleanings annually built into the policy. Additionally, mouth examinations can help recognize early signs of cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay. Needless to say, medical problems are almost always less expensive to treat when caught early so you never want to wait until the condition has developed. Ellett Family Dentistry takes pride in keeping all of Spartanburg healthy in whatever ways we can!

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