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We offer a variety of services including routine checkup cleanings, whitening, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. We provide several cost efficient ways to significantly improve your oral health and overall confidence!


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Dental BRIDGES Spartanburg SC

The main benefit of installing dental bridges is to reduce pain. However, there are more benefits including improved speech, preventing your teeth from shifting, helping with chewing, and maintaining your face’s natural shape. Additionally, dental bridges cost significantly less than implants and are often covered by most insurance policies. Dental bridges often last for up to 10 years so it isn’t a short term fix either. Unlike most implants, dental bridges look completely natural and blend in with your existing teeth well. Our experienced dentists also make sure to take the time to ways to properly take care of your bridge and the surrounding teeth. We are dedicated to helping the Spartanburg community in any way that we can through dental education and proper long lasting procedures!

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There is a long list of the benefits of dental bridges that expands beyond a dentist’s recommendation or necessity. At Ellett Family Dentistry it is important to us to make sure that you understand your procedure and all of its implications before we operate. Dental bridges can help keep your smile healthy and improve overall health as a result. It can also help your speech as well as be a solution for gum disease or decay which can easily spread around your mouth. Our office works fast in order to get you out of pain faster. Although it seems like a long process, most of the time a patient can have a custom dental bridge placed on the same day that they request it. Additionally, effective software ensures that the bridge is built into your natural smile and looks amazing! We love helping Spartanburg smile brighter than ever and increasing your overall health!

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If you have missing teeth and healthy teeth on both sides it may be cheaper to have a dental bridge installed. Often times, dental bridges can replace multiple teeth that have been removed in the same area. The bridges help your smile by keeping the structure of your teeth intact. Teeth can drift as a result of missing space which can affect your bite and harm your teeth even more. Additionally, dental bridges can also prevent facial collapse which can make you look older and permanently damage your facial structure. That damage also often causes sores and cracks at the edges of your mouth which also increases the risk of infection. Your overall oral health is determined by the individual health of each of its parts so its important to take a preventative approach. We love keeping Spartanburg educated and informed to prevent major procedures! 

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